A remote control for your laundry basket

How Advanced Cleaners works

How-Laundrapp-Works-You-OrderYou Order

You have 3 options:

  • SMS text from your phone, TEXT “pickup” SEND to 40691.
  • Order online, on your comfort
  • Simply Call 1.888.978.1277

How-Laundrapp-Works-We-CollectWe Collect

Choose a time and place that suits you

How-Laundrapp-Works-We-CleanWe Clean

We treat your clothes to a high-quality clean


We Deliver

We’ll deliver back to you anytime, anywhere after 2 business days.

We’re a Couture Cleaner, Brands we care.

When you look good, we do too

Dry Cleaning and Laundry Prices


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From $2.69 per shirt
Platinum Shirt service
dry-cleaning-item-laundry-bagFrom $49.99/mo.
From $4 per item
Dry Cleaning