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Advanced Cleaners is proud to work with some of the best Wet and Dry cleaning both as partners and customers.Our network of dry cleaning partners are the backbone of our business and make sure we always collect, clean and deliver to the highest standards. We work closely with partners to ensure our door-to-door service is convenient, safe and affordable.

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‘Laundr & Klenr” Business Opportunity

It’s important finding a business that offers exceptional growth potential and financial stability and is not greatly affected by fluctuations in the economy. Laundr & Klenr Business is an industry that has proven it can weather the inevitable fluctuations of the economy far better than many other industries.

While other independently owned start-up businesses have only a low success rate, dry cleaning business success can be as high as 90%.

Our Unique concept is a “Non franchise” that is ideal for the financially moderate investor to the most aggressive investor, and is one of the most revolutionary and unique improvements to garment finishing in over 50 years.

When you start a dry cleaning business with us, you can be sure we will provide you with a complete “turn key” business operation, outfitted with the finest equipment and technology available in today’s marketplace. Our all-inclusive Laudr & Klenr package include complete training on U.S.A. Fine Equipment and the operation of a dry cleaning business for both you and your employees by our exclusive expert instructors.

Due to increases in rent and demand for space, we understand the monetary value of a dynamic business that can operate in a small space. To this end, we can install a profitable store in as little as 900 square feet.

Our Dry Cleaning Business Concept will give your customers an environmentally friendly, “open – clean atmosphere” and high quality dry cleaning product that requires fewer, less skilled employees and less utility costs in a much smaller space than a conventional dry cleaning store.

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